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The Leftscape

The Leftscape is a new podcast centering on progressive conversations - politics, activism, our lives as artists, and much more. Our first episode  posted on May 30, 2018. Tune in!


with co-hosts Robin Renée, Mary McGinley, and Wendy Sheridan

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President Barack Obama pointing and saying, "Superman - Your country needs you now!" - Comic Illustration

Blog March

In May 2017, I instigated a 31-day online happening in support of Freedom of Expression, Knowledge, and Information. Read more about Blog March

The Mutant Mountain Boys

Samantha C. Poole aka Rev. Doktor Pastor Prime loves to play the banjo. She also loves Devo.  She put the two together, added some old-time SubGenius gospel, met some folks at an annual Devo fan gathering, and started a band.  So far, Mutant Mountain Boys gigs have been rare, but great occasions. Here are some videos to help you catch up with the MMB.

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