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About Robin Renée

Robin Renée claims personal favorites and influences from acts as disparate as Elvis Costello, Jai Uttal, James Taylor, Gary Wilson, and Devo. In the biracial, multicultural family in which she grew up, the blended experience extended easily to music. She was just as likely to take a ride on Gladys Knight's "Midnight Train to Georgia" as to drive along Kraftwerk's "Autobahn," and the easy-going sounds of "You've Got a Friend" were as common as Dylan's acerbic "Masters of War."

Robin Renée began this leg of her musical journey with In Progress (2000), which was applauded in much alternative press across the U.S. All Six Senses (2002), stands as the real-life chronicle of one caught in the act of cosmic transformation. It was produced by Scott Mathews, who has worked with artists as fabulous as George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Elvis Costello, Patti LaBelle and many more. Live Devotion (2007) is Renée's first recording dedicated wholly to sacred chant and continues to receive spins on independent radio plus Pandora, Live365, and Krishna Das Yoga Radio on SiriusXM.





The sum of Renée's accessible tunes with a spiritual twist forged her own genre - Mantra-Pop - and its development can be heard across the sounds of (2009), a compilation of her solo efforts to date plus the lyrically arresting, AAA radio-friendly "The Other End of the Line" and bluesy "You're In Demand."

This. (2012) begins in the centered, energetic place of Live Devotion, and takes the listener onto a spiritual trail, perhaps akin to the one the singer traveled during the making of the recording (with accomplished engineer/composer Jack Walker). As Live Devotion is more of a "happening," This. is a thoughtful beckoning through a blend of chant and sacred song in an acoustic and synth soundscape inspiring stillness, joy, and inquiry into the heart of living. "Keshava" soothes with its many harmonies as does the fun and upbeat "Kali Ma Potluck Singalong." The beautiful "Blessed Be, Namaste" bridges East and West with earth-centered and yogic blessings.

In July 2013, Robin Renée released the digital-only single, "All I Am." A portion of proceeds from "All I Am" support the anti-bullying You Will Rise Project.

It was seeing the "vision" of David Bowie in a dress on Saturday Night Live that led the young Robin to realize that she could be anyone and all she is meant to be. It was an inner light experience that pointed the way toward renewed spirituality and it is continued listening to inner wisdom that currently leads back into to the depths and complexity of songwriting and performing. 

Ultimately, Robin Renée's work emerges from the in-betweens. She lives and writes at the crossroads, in the fusion of sexuality, spirituality, and sound. So far, this is her everyday mantra: Live for your truth, keep it real, and make music that matters.

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