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Blog March Day 27: Lammy Finalist Ann Tweedy Reports on Reading in Los Angeles

The Body's Alphabet - Ann Tweedy

Poet, essayist, and legal scholar Ann Tweedy was recently named a finalist in the Lambda Literary Awards for LGBTQ writers. In her Blog March piece posted today at The Faculty Lounge, she introduces some of the varied authors who participated in a reading by finalists, their works ranging from Children's/Young Adult novels to history, memoir, and anthology. Ann Tweedy's book of poems, The Body's Alphabet, is a finalist in bisexual nonfiction. Read "Lambda Finalist Reading in Los Angeles" for more on the event plus upcoming LGBT and bi-specific literary awards.

Look out tomorrow for photos by Bob Bruhin at LOVE in the Afternoon and check out the links for all those who are taking part in the Blog March project here: Blog March 2017.

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