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Reemergence (on Bi Visibility Day)

Larker Anthology Issue #5

The tagline of Larker Anthology is "making bi+ cultures VISUAL/VISIBLE." Issue #5, "Fullness, Expressed" came out today and I am pleased to have a photo and a quote featured. This really is a collection of some gorgeous photos and wonderful expressions - I feel honored to be included. I have been incommunicado for way too long, so why not take the opportunity to resurface and be seen on Bi Visibility Day?

I have been keeping to myself a bit too much lately, even by my generally quiet introvert standards. I sometimes make a lot of plans in my head - for songs, essays, events, political action, style reinventions, live band performances, new fitness regime - you name it. I can't promise a time line for any of these things exactly, but I can say I'm moving back into the world of people and art slowly, as I can. Spending time today with a friend at the Philly Bi Visibility event was fun today. I would love to be writing songs, but it seems poetry, in part inspired by the poem I posted during the Blog March, has been what wants to come through. I am happy to go with that. I look forward to sharing some of what I've been writing currently, and also to the new music when it's time to make that happen. I'm hoping that those who are here for the music will bear with my journey.

Much Love, Happy Bi Visibility Day, and a Blessed, slightly belated Mabon/Autumnal Equinox.

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