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Blog March… GO!

First Amendment monument, Philadelphia, 5th & Market, April 2017

Raising Voices for Freedom of Expression, Knowledge, and Information

Blog March is ready to launch! We are setting off, each to present something true, important, or moving. I expect some posts will be deeply personal, some intellectual, some coming from anger or frustration, some from the depths and complexities of love, some from simple moments of inspiration. We will hear from distinctly different perspectives. What I believe unites all those taking part in Blog March is that we, in all our diversity, shine a light on the political nature of speaking up. We are insisting on our voices being heard and being known as valid. We raise our voices to insist upon the continued right to express honestly and to receive and share information. We raise our voices for all voices that stand for truths, be they personal or universal.

I hope you will read along each day this month. Interact and ask questions. Quote, share, comment, and challenge, with respect. Appreciate, learn, and “march” along with us.

Monday 5/1 Kevin Patterson at Poly Role Models

Tuesday 5/2 Christiana Gaudet at Dark Forest

Wednesday 5/3 Domino Valdano at Medium.com

Thursday 5/4 Wendy Sheridan at Wendy Designs

Friday 5/5 Mary McGinley at Audition Physician's Blog

Saturday 5/6 Cecilia Tan at Why I Like Baseball

Sunday 5/7 Robin Renée at RobinRenee.com

Monday 5/8 Jason Wendleton at Defending Axl Rose

Tuesday 5/9 David Jamison at Infinite Destiny

Wednesday 5/10 Rorie Kelly at GoGirlsMusic on Medium.com

Thursday 5/11 Susan with Pearls at SusanWithPearls

Friday 5/12 Glenn Walker at Welcome to Hell

Saturday 5/13 Jazz Goldman at Jazz Knows Stuff

Sunday 5/14 Julio Cortés at Mind and Body 360

Monday 5/15 Tom Limoncelli at Everything SysAdmin

Tuesday 5/16 Diana Adams at Diana Adams Law & Mediation

Wednesday 5/17 Pandora Scooter at PandoraScooter.com

Thursday 5/18 Dot Calm's Shadow at Dot Calm's Page of Truth & Sedition

Friday 5/19 Edie Weinstein at The Bliss Blog

Saturday 5/20 Marcia Baczynski at Asking for What You Want

Sunday 5/21 Poet On Watch at PoetOnWatch.com

Monday 5/22 Kathy Haynie at Medium.com

Tuesday 5/23 Cmo Love at The Watering Hole

Wednesday 5/24 Max Mania at Keeping Benton County Green and Oregon Blue

Thursday 5/25 Marie Gilbert at Gilbert Curiosities

Friday 5/26 Pamela Means at RobinRenee.com

Saturday 5/27 Ann Tweedy at The Faculty Lounge

Sunday 5/28 Bob Bruhin at LOVE in the Afternoon

Monday 5/29 JD Stillwater at Run Deep

Tuesday 5/30 Anthony Lioi at Planetary

Wednesday 5/31 Jessica A. Walsh at JessicaAnnWalsh.com

Check back here for updates and direct links.

Blog March… GO!

protesters' legs, Philadelphia, 1/26/17

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