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Blog March Day 30: Anthony Lioi's Rage and Love: In Defense of Millennials

Green Day - American Idiot

Anthony Lioi, author and teacher of literature at The Julliard School, has made an observation about his Millennial students: Despite popular characterization, they aren't overly-sensitive snowflakes hiding in their safe spaces. In fact, Generation X and Millennials have great resilience and a great deal in common. He illuminates the nature of the challenges we share through insightful references to literature, film, animated characters, and a place where our musical sensibilities overlap.

Despite what the media has often set up as a Baby Boomers vs. Millennials face-off, Anthony Lioi gives voice to those of us in between, elevates our understanding of the role Millennials play in creating positive change, and points the way to how we older folks can help. Read "Rage and Love: In Defense of Millennials."

Tomorrow, don't forget to check out the Blog March post by Jessica A. Walsh. You'll find links to the entire month of posts here: Blog March... GO!

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