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The Paradox in Taking Action - and Thanks for Blog Marching!

"Mission Accomplished" - After Obama inauguration, 1/20/2009, Freer Museum, Washington, DC

Thank you to everyone who took part in Blog March! You are appreciated whether you wrote something, read some or all of our posts, commented online, initiated a conversation, or took a moment for reflection on any of the topics raised. Now that we have a month's worth of writings, I will make a point of rereading, asking questions, and starting dialogues I wasn't able to initiate while in the midst. I hope you will, too.

So many ideas were expressed throughout the March, that I'd rather not try to craft a grand summary. Instead, I will mention a few themes that have arisen for me, informed by our experiment and from life outside it.

1) The Zen koan of activism is this: We must rest, yet we must never rest. Speaking up to ensure rights and freedoms is never complete. Especially in these times, allowing distraction from awareness of government actions is unwise. At the same time, we have to take care of ourselves, not only to avoid burnout, but to make space for the personal growth and plain enjoyment of life that we all need. Of course this is not a true paradox, but it is about working toward balance, which for most of us is another work-in-progress. Defending the pursuit of happiness will be meaningless if we don't take time for joy.

2) Vulnerability makes us stronger. Showing our pain and admitting struggle is what makes us know ourselves and allows access to our inner power and talents. It also puts a human face on all of us for those who would see us/refuse to see us and cause harm or dismiss us categorically.

3) Blog March is about declaring and reclaiming freedom of expression, knowledge, and information. It began in response to the obvious political and cultural challenges from the right. However, the left manifests its own toxic brand of policing. Let's not devour ourselves in the absence of freedom of expression in our own circles, and in the absence of new and different input. I didn't agree with every statement, analogy, or sentiment in every Blog March post, nor should I. Through the interplay of all these ideas, I get to ponder, ask questions, and learn. Without making a space large enough for all of us to speak honestly, to consider, to debate, and to differ, we will not flourish.

Let's keep taking leaps. Let's keep the conversations going. It's ok to think out loud.

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