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Hail and Welcome

Hello and welcome, everyone. I am finally starting up a blog here on my own website. For now, I will keep The Dream Between blog on WordPress up so you can explore older posts there. Writing has been a struggle these days. Every day I try to show up.

I do have one exciting thing happening! I have been thinking about, and trying to engage in as much activism as I can these days. Those thoughts swirling around during a meditation session led to the idea of Blog March. I have been gathering up a fun, dedicated, and diverse group of people who will each be writing a blog post during the month of May in the spirit of Freedom of Expression, Knowledge and Information. Each stop along the Blog March could be a political rant, a poem, a personal insight, or an essay on whatever is on the author's mind. It will be an interesting mix well worth following. Blog March starts here with an intro on Sunday, April 30th and the series will run through May 31st.

Stop back in for more on the Blog March!

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