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Blog March Day 19: Edie Weinstein is on a Mission to Heal Hate with Hugs

Edie Weinstein, a journalist, author speaker, and enthusiastic inspirer of well-being, has an uplifting message to share: Hugs Heal Hate. Today on BeliefNet's The Bliss Blog, her post is all about offering FREE HUGS to unsuspecting strangers in her travels from Philadelphia to Phoenix. She tells us some of the ways hugs are good for us, including creating a sense of trust and reducing cravings for things less healthy. Even if you're not ready to jump into a Free Hugs Flash Mob yourself, take a look at "Hugs Heal Hate: Blog March" and consider what transformation may be possible through giving and receiving some simple affection.

All month long on the Blog March, we're raising voices for Freedom of Expression, Knowledge, and Information. Catch up with all the writers taking part in Blog March 2017.

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