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Blog March Day 22: Kathy Haynie Envisions "A More Perfect Union"

Statue of Liberty face, close up

In today's Blog March essay, Kathie Haynie learns about the proper care and feeding of our democracy. She shares this introduction to "A More Perfect Union:"

Thank you, Robin Renee, for your bold leadership in creating this May Blog March, and the opportunity to be part of it. My piece today was written in early February 2017, after attending Marianne Williamson's Sister Giant conference. I hope this speaks to you and inspires a shared sense of greater care for and solidarity within our flailing democracy. I will add, there is so much to distract us in the media. Please pay attention to the underlying forces, set in motion by those who profit the most from opposing renewable energy.

In truth and peace, Kathy


Thanks so much for reading "A More Perfect Union." Here, you can find the links to all of our Blog March entries.

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