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Blog March Day 23: CMo Love Tells Us Chiron's Secret

Chiron - Moonlight

Today, CMo Love has shared a great gift of an essay with us on his blog, The Watering Hole. "Chiron's Secret: Our Healing" begins as a deeply perceptive exploration of the black male experience and violence against black bodies in a fearful and divisive America, seen through the lens of the Academy Award-winning Moonlight. Read CMo's take on why, ultimately beyond race, culture, sexuality or any of our identities, we relate to Chiron and his predicament in the film. CMo points to what I hope is the overarching essence of Blog March - that no matter who we are, we are called to use our voices and live in our truths.

Any brief introduction can't really do justice to "Chiron's Secret: Our Healing." Please go read it and share it far and wide. Then check out all of the past and forthcoming stops along Blog March 2017.

Blog March Extra: Glenn Walker, who had a serious call to action for us on Blog March Day 12, has a lighthearted take on the political landscape for us today on his blog, French Fry Diary.

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