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Blog March Day 28: Bob Bruhin Offers a Meditation on Politics as Love

LOVE in the Afternoon photo by Bob Bruhin, 7-29-2013

LOVE in the Afternoon, one of several photography blogs by Bob Bruhin, is an experiment in narrowly focused art blogging. The blog is a celebration of vibrant diversity through observation and documentation of the many who visit LOVE Park (John F. Kennedy Plaza) in Philadelphia. In contribution to Blog March, LOVE in the Afternoon features a mind-broadening contemplative essay that explores the idea that at its core, politics is love. Bruhin makes the case for this assertion as he takes us on a tour through sources and influences from philosophy, spirituality, psychology, science fiction, and music. The accompanying photos catch wonderful moments of people in LOVE Park and around the city in the midst of life, in happiness, and in protest. Take some time today to read and reflect on "Blog March 2017 — Politics is LOVE: A meditation on the beautiful, flawed bricks building society." Continue the conversation and share your thoughts.

We still have a few Blog March posts to go! See the links for all those who are taking part in this movement of Raising Voices for Freedom of Expression, Knowledge, and Information: Blog March 2017.

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